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Prana SpaCeuticals - Globally Inspired SkinCare

Prana SpaCeuticals™ believes that it is imperative to follow the laws of nature in order to enhance the quality of the skin through only the finest, all-natural ingredients found on Earth. This philosophy ensures that the ingredients are working in tandem with the skin’s chemical make-up to produce flawless results, without causing further damage. In order to adhere to this method of development, Prana SpaCeuticals™ follows these important guidelines:

  • Finding sources that farm organically

  • Stabilize antioxidants naturally

  • Knowing ingredients that give Natural Absorption

  • Using plant extracts: Natural pigments and natural aromatics

  • Keeping products free from synthetics, parabens, and harsh lathering agents (SLS)

  • Using environmentally friendly ingredients

  • Completely steers away from any form of Animal Testing

  • Online training and monthly zoom webinars available

  • .25ml sample tubes are available for some Prana SpaCeuticals products,  based on availability, for .35c per tube - ask us what we have available!

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