Salon Solution

Salon Solution is a heavy duty cleaner made with plant ingredients.  It has many uses as it replacing multiple chemical cleaners with one plant based cleaner.  Solon Solution is a concentrate liquid

  • All natural concentated cleaner derived from 100% renewable resources

  • Biodegradable, non-toxice, hypo-allergenic and non-flammable

  • Quickly removes soils and grease from surfaces not harmed by water

  • Easily rinses from surfaces and does not irritate skin or harm items cleaned

  • Economical to use, easy to store

  • Safe for all appliances, including flat irons


  • Laundry

  • Stain remover for laundry (removes lotions, creams, oils from towels, linens & carpets)

  • Use on glass & mirrors (streak free)

  • Safe on vinyl, leather and upholstery

  • Works great on floors, walls, counters etc.

NEW from Salon Solution.......

Salon Solution Citrus Wax Cleaner

  • ​100% Biodegradable, contains no Petroleum Product

  • Made from natural oil and materials derived from vegetable and fruit sources

  • For both hard and soft surfaces

  • Light citrus fragrance

SALON SOLUTION is especially formulated for use in a Spa or Salon, CONTACT US or SIGN UP / LOG IN in to find out how to put SALON SOLUTION  in your Spa or Salon.

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