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NuBody Devices

Nu Body Equipment is a Health Canada certified IPL manufactur­er, located in Vancouver, Canada.  NuBody offers high quality medical laser training and certification with the purchase of their devices.  In the booming beauty industry, Hair Removal continues to be the #1 requested spa services.  Skin Rejuvenation is also in high demand, with women and men alike wanting to look youthful and fresh.


The Dermalase IPL has been clinically proven to be safe and has been rigorously tested for efficacy.   The NuBody DermaLase IPL Machine  is under warranty for one year with purchase.  Following the expiry of your warranty, we have a full service department to take care of any needs you should have.


The Painless Hair Removal Device provides safety, comfort and efficiency using superior components and quality bulbs effective at treating Fitzpatrick skin tones 1-5 for effortless removal.  The touchscreen interface is pre-programmed for ease of use for the technician.


The Luminous 7-in-1 Skincare Device gives your clients the platinum treatment with our new multi-technology facial device. Offering a complete facial solution - the Luminous Multi-Facial Skin System combines 7 different technologies in one device - making it the most complete and affordable single device system in the Canadian market.

NuBody  proudly offers the lowest price on a Health Canada IPL and SkinCare devices in Canada with various options for payment including  lease to own options available. 


NuBody and SkinFX have partnered to ensure  our  clients are successful in the laser business, we will  do  the absolute best to get you prepared with training, marketing,  support materials and business set up at no extra cost.   

Contact us for a no obligation demonstration and more information about putting NuBody Devices in your spa or medispa today. 

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