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Mavex Calluspeeling

Mavex Calluspeeling

Mavex is a Swiss company that manufactures and distributes worldwide natural cosmetics based on medicinal herbs and alpine plants.

Mavex is free of parabens, formaldehyde, added preservatives, mineral oil, or paraffin. Not tested on animals, they are produced in full respect of environment and nature according to high level quality standards under stringent quality controls. They feature precious herbal active ingredients and next-generation phyto-complex, result of the Swiss most advanced research and cutting-edge production technologies. ​They are formulated with a synergistic complex of plant extracts from alpine herbs and plants such as Gentian, Blueberry, Spruce Fir. All the extraordinary power of the mountains and nature, captured in a beautifully delicate treatment that heals and protects. While giving the feet wonderful freshness, lightness, and deep sense of well-being.


CALLUSPEELING® is a delicate and pleasant treatment, which gives a new shine and an extraordinary softness to the feet. It’s easy to perform with simple to follow instructions for immediate results the first time. The absence of blades avoids any danger of bleeding, meaning the treatment can be performed by trainee or less experienced therapists.

CALLUSPEELING® treatment can be performed:

  • During normal pedicure instead of blades, cutters or drills. The time saved is significant: while patches are on the feet, nails can be filed and cuticles treated. When compared with traditional methods results are significantly better in a reduced timeframe.

  • During a treatment while waiting for masks to work or during a body wrap treatment. The treatment is completed with the application of the specific Mavex: Foot Daily Care Cream. 

  • The daily use at home of the Mavex Foot Daily Care Cream helps to maintain hydration of the feet, keeping them soft and protected. This cream helps prevent the formation of cracks and callouses while keeping feet beautiful and healthy.

MAVEX CALLUSPEELING® is a Professional Use Only Product, CONTACT US or SIGN UP/LOG IN in to find out how to put MAVEX​ in your Spa or Salon.

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