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Lash Perfect Lash Pops
Lash Perfect Magnetize

Lash Perfect

"Lash Pops & "Magnetise"

Lash Perfect Strip Lashes:


Lash Perfect Lash Pop strip lashes come in four unique styles, giving looks from light and fluffy to more voluminous and dramatic. Their thin, flexible band is ideal to mould to the shape of each individual eye. 

Available now in Pink Peony, Red Rose, White Rose & Scarlet Poppy styles. 

Magnetise Magnetic Lashes:


Magnetise Lashes blend in seamlessly with natural lashes and are available in4 different styles. They contain small but powerful magnets which ensure the lashes stay perfectly in place, and are easy to remove at the end of the day.

Available now in Gigi, Meghan, Natalia & Rosie styles

To put Lash Perfect products in your spa or salon contact us or sign up/log in to shop.

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