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Gooni Foot Files

Gouni Foot Files

The Gouni replaceable Foot File Systems features a sturdy Stainless Steel Paddle with an ergonomically designed handle for use with with replaceable abrasive pads in different grits. These disposable abrasive pads smooth away calluses and soften rough spots. Get all the benefits of a stardard foot file while using interchangeable, self-adhesive, abrasive pads for each client.

Disposable Abrasive pads are individually wrapped for each client and are available in packs of 100 in the following Grits:

  • Coarse - 60 Grit

  • Medium - 100 Grit

  • Fine -  220 Grit


Gouni Starter Kit includes one Gouni Stainless Steel Paddle with 50 individually wrapped abrasive pads (20 x Coarse, 20 x Medium, and 10 x Fine).


GOUNI is a Professional Use Only Product.  CONTACT US  or SIGN UP / LOG IN  to order for your Spa or Salon.

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