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en Vogue

"The Gel Company"

en Vogue resin products are made form selected, high-purity, dental grade raw materials, mostly imported from Europe.  We take pride in our product.  It is second to none in the world, with consistent manufacturing (in Canada) and dependable quality control.

Flexible and Strong - en Vogue Nails imitate the structure of the natural nail.  More than any other artificial nail system they combine a light natural feel and look with exceptional resiliency

  • Odor Free - en Vogue gels do not release odor or harmful vapors and are suitable for a Spa Environment

  • Non-Toxic - Neither client nor nail technician have to fear any toxic impact from en Vogue products.

  • Non-Porous - en Vogue gels in our system are non-porous and seal against fungus and mold.

  • Non-Yellowing - en Vogue guarantee the total natural look without yellowing

  • No Primer - en Vogue products have no potentially aggressive chemicals that could harm the natural nail. 

  • Curing - most current artificial nail products continue to react to daylight particularly sunlight, eventually becoming yellow and brittle.

en Vogue nails only cure when exposed to UVA light during the set curing time and show no reaction like yellowing thereafter.  Our light sources does not produce any harmful radiation or emissions that could harm the skin or natural nails.

Latest Technology -our chemists have researched and developed the product, incorporating the latest technology.  UV curing as sued by en Vogue is considered environmentally friendly "green technology".  All final testing of our products and development are accomplished by qualified nail technicians and of course confirmed by satisfied clients. 

Training and Support - You simply can't be a great Nail Tech by taking a one day or weekend course.  We want to give you the best possible training when it comes to Sculptured Gel Nails. We offer a comprehensive 32.5 hour course spread out over  6 weeks in order to give you the maximum amount of hands class time and homework.  Our detailed training video, manual products and UV light is included in the Starter Kit that comes with your course.

If you are already a licensed Nail Technician, as us about an initial 4 hour Mini Training session (free with an en Vogue Starter Kit) that will give you the education and confidence to use this product successfully.

"Lac It"  by en Vogue
lac it poster 4_edited.jpg

NEW en Vogue Lac It Gel polish applies like a polish but has the durability of Gel.  Applied in two thin coats over the natural nail* or sculptured gel enhancements and cured under UV or LED lights.  Choose from 70+ long lasting, vibrant colours. 


 * Lac It Basecoat & Matte or No Wipe Gloss Top coat required for best results.  

EN VOGUE® is a Professional Use Only Product.  CONTACT US  or SIGN UP / LOG IN  to order for your Spa or Salon.

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