Camillen 60 combines proven and traditional natural ingredients along with the latest innovations from cosmetic research to insure outstanding product quality and effectiveness. Formulations are based on the latest dermatological findings and characterized by an optimal efficacy and skin tolerability. All the Camillen 60 products are designed and developed in close cooperation with German podiatrists and chiropodists.

Camillen-60 products are manufactured in the tradition of the renowned seal of quality "Made in Germany" and are subject to rigorous quality controls. All Camillen 60 preparations are produced and bottled in a state-of-the-art facility in Burgwedel near Hannover to rigid international cosmetics standards.

A heart for animals is a matter of course for us. All our products have never been tested on animals and this mandate holds true for the future.

The healing properties of chamomile in Camillen-60 products: 


The effective and healing chamomile extract is today still prevalent in all of our products. Chamomile is a very undemanding plant that thrives in almost any soil, provided it has a sunny location (growth in most of Europe, North America, North Africa, West Indies, Australia).

For centuries, people have known this unique plant as a mild and versatile medicinal plant with a broad spectrum of health activity.

Cultivation and application:  
The chamomile is harvested between June to August when the flower is in full bloom. However, if the summer weather continues to be hot, the flower can also be harvested into September. The flower heads are collected without its stem. To gain maximum results its best when they have flowered after 3 to 5 days and ideally when the sun is out. Once the leaves are collected the distilling process begins for extraction of the valuable and medicinal oils.

Chamomile is used in medical treatments in the form of tea, compresses, envelopes, inhalation, and rinses, but mainly used in cosmetic creams and ointments as an active ingredient. It provides relief for stomach and intestinal disorders, inflammation, swelling, poorly healing wounds, bad skin and much more. In particular, the pronounced anti-inflammatory, decongestant and skin regenerating effect of chamomile are used to our advantage in the Camillen 60 Foot Care products.

What ingredients make the chamomile so valuable?  
The flowers contain valuable essential oils, among other things, the two main active ingredients azulene and bisabolol used for the Camillen 60 products.  Azulene is obtained from the essential oil of chamomile flowers and deep blue. It has anti-inflammatory and regenerating for irritated, reddened and irritated skin. Many products from the Camillen 60 series get their characteristic bluish tint by this versatile ingredient. Bisabolol is also obtained from the essential oil of Chamomile. It has an anti-inflammatory, wound-healing and anti-spasmodic effect and in addition to bacteria (bactericidal) and antifungal (fungicidal) properties.

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