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#bringbackthebath #bathbeautifully

Bathorium is a Canadian made luxury bath products company proudly using the highest grade of 100% ethically sourced natural ingredients. Bathorium produces hand crafted bath bombs, soaks and elixirs that are designed for benefit based bathing- meaning they are about the benefits your whole body will reap after a Bathorium bath.



Embrace all the senses.

Bath time shouldn't just be about the salts and oils in the tub. Bathorium designs all products to tingle the body, essential oils to calm the mind and cascades of natural hues in the water. The light sounds of the fizz, or flicker of the candle, breathe- and close your eyes.


Empower individuality.

Bathorium believes that everyone is unique and everyone has a voice to be heard.  Stand up for the voices that get muffled by the wind and amplify the opinions of the movers and shakers of today.


Awaken change.


Thrive on the unknown and constantly push boundaries. Bathorium changes the perception that people have on baths, they push for change on ethical sourcing of raw ingredients and continuously change the landscape of quality bath products.

Evoke true beauty.


Through Bathorium products, partnerships and education,  awaken the true inner beauty within each and every one of us.  Live well, loving unconditionally and bathing beautifully.

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