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Sugar of the Nile



Sugar of the Nile sugaring removes unwanted facial and body hair requires an entirely different mind-set and approach from waxing. For instance, did you know…

Sugaring products do not adhere to live skin cells…

This is one of the major differences between sugaring and waxing legs and other more sensitive areas. Most wax products are made of resins which adhere to skin cells. Because wax sticks to any surface it is applied to, pulling it away causes unwarranted pain. Sugar of the Nile sugaring products don't adhere to live skin cells on bodies, faces, or legs. Therefore, when it is removed, it only gently exfoliates dead skin cells, leaving behind silky smooth skin.

Sugaring is a natural choice....

The Healthy difference between sugar vs chemicals for waxing legs and bodies is that Sugaring is all natural.  Sugar of the Nile Sugars and Post/Prep products contain 100% all natural and organic ingredients, are paraben free, not tested on animals and are vegan, With no fuss and no mess It can be easily rinsed away if needed. 

There is no risk of burning sensitive skin areas with sugaring. Sugaring is performed at body temperature.  Sugar pastes adhere to the hair, not the skin, and lubricate the root for easier extraction from the follicle. 


PLEASE NOTE: Sugar of the Nile  products are professional Use only, we only sell to esthetians and trained sugarists - please contact us for pricing.  Keep checking our education schedule..... we now offer Sugar of the Nile Sugaring Classes.  


Sugar of the Nile - Sugar Paste (5 Pastes to choose from)

Sugar of the Nile Strip Paste:  a thinner paste used with cotton hair removal strips.

Sugar of the Nile Soft Paste:  for the experienced sugar technician - for use on large areas of the body.

Sugar of the Nile Traditional Paste:  a standard-consistency paste for most hair removing needs.

Sugar of the Nile Island Paste:  a firmer paste, for use in warmer temperatures and areas. Island paste is our prefered paste for training.

Sugar of the Nile Bikini Paste:  our most dry paste used in warmer temperatures and areas such as the bikini.


Sugar of the Nile - Skin Cleanser

Sugar of the Nile Skin Cleanser is a rinse-free formula designed to cleanse and prepare the skin for sugaring treament

475ml - Backbar Size

4oz Retail Size







Sugar of the Nile - Highly Purified Powder 


Sugar of the Nile - Highly Purified Powder comes in two sizes.  The larger bag is used to refill the 8oz container.  The powder is applied to dry the skin prior to applying the sugar paste to the treated area. 

8oz Bottle or 2lb bag






Sugar of the Nile - ReVitalizing Cream

Sugar of the Nile ReVitalizing Cream is a luxurious formual used to moisturize and protect all skin types.  Massage cream into the skin until absorbed. 







Sugar of the Nile - Body Mist

A unique formulat to be spray on cleansed skin before and after treatment.  Shake well before use. 

250ml - Backbar Size







Sugar of the Nile - In B Gone

A formula used to prevent ingrown hairs and irritations.  Apply immediately after sugaring and continure ot use until hair reappears.  For external use only. 






Sugar of the Nile - Single Sugar Paste Warmer

This is a high quality and profesisonal grade past warmer, with is reliable and effective.  Two year warranty.






Sugar of the Nile Starter Kit

This kit is a one time purchase for students when taking the Sugar of the Nile Certification Course 

Kit Includes - Single Sugar Paste Warmer, Latex Free Gloves, PreCleanser, Powder, ReVitalizing Cream, Body Mist, 1 Traditional Paste, 2 Sugar Pastes, Student Manual







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