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The Smile FX Breakthrough Smile FX is a 3 x 15 Minute cosmetic teeth-whitening system that is self-administered by the client at spas, salons and wellness centre locations with the assistanceof trained and qualified spa staff.  The SmileFX patented cool blue LED light technology activates our gel formulation, which results in whitening your client's teeth faster, deeper and keeps them their whitest longer. This has revolutionized cosmetic tooth whitening, in a manner that is safe, effective and pain free.  Scroll down to see our video.

Tooth Sensitivity - Smile FX is the # 1 choice for anyone with Tooth Sensitivity. This is a whitening system for people that experience sensitivity from other in-office dental whitening treatments, take home dental trays, or over-the counter whitening systems.

Who is Eligible for Teeth Whitening?  Anyone over the age of 12 can whiten their teeth. Parental consent is required for persons under the age of 18. Individuals with gum disease or other oral problems should contact their Dentist or Doctor prior to whitening. The use of some antibiotics and other drugs can cause tetracycline stains that may not be removed.

Crowns Caps and Veneers Smile FX is safe for Crowns, Caps and Veneers, and stains will be removed during whitening, returning to their original colour.  

Smile FX is a professional use only product.  For our Smile FX Certification Classes see our Education Schedule or to put Smile FX in your salon or spa today contact us for more information:




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I do want to say the results from Smile FX were great. I did it on myself first of all and I saw a great difference. I Love that it was so easy and no mess. I found it much easier than the go- smile. The taste was fine as well; it’s not too strong which I always find a problem with my guests on the ship. As well I had no sensitivity. I have talked to my old boss back home in Alberta and I am sending her all the information so you will be hearing from her soon too! Steiner Spa Employee – Norwegian Cruise Lines


I was intrigued by an article written about a new business that opened at Conestoga Mall named "Smile FX" that provided a quick and inexpensive tooth whitening process. My interest in having whitening done my teeth was always dashed by the cost estimates I received from my dentist but this looked too good to be true. So, I headed over to Conestoga where I easily found the Smile FX booth just outside Zellers and was given a brief explanation of the process by friendly staff and decided on the spot to purchase a series of three treatments. The results were immediate and unbelievably effective. I was so happy that I had to bring my wife in to try it out as well. She is now very impressed with my seemingly new found shopping and personal care skills. Thanks to Smile FX - see you in about 9 months for a touch up! Brian B


I am one satisfied client! I guess you could say I am obsessed about white teeth. I received a gift card from my husband for Christmas for 3 treatments. I went to Conestoga Mall and had my first twenty-minute treatment. The girl used a whitening shade colour chart to grade my teeth before and after; my teeth already white became 3X whiter. A week later I did my second treatment, again you could see a difference. Now I am just one shade away from perfectly white teeth. I am saving my last treatment until I need to freshen up my smile. I have used Crest white strip a number of times and I have got good results but it took weeks. The smile fx took just 20 mins. I will be a continued customer. Cynthia T.


I have wanted to 'brighten up' my teeth for a long time now, but my dentists fees where outrageous. I read about you in the paper.....saw you in the mall.....and knew your business was the right choice for me. You will laugh at what also motivated me....Tina Fey! Last week on 30Rock (the tv show) Tina Fey (Liz Lemon) went to her high school reunion. She told everyone at the reunion that they had 'yellowing teeth'. I enjoy drinking coffee and tea which has a staining effect on my teeth. I felt like Tina Fey was talking to me :-(On my first visit I saw a significant whitening effect. Today I will attend for my second session, of three. Your staff person was great, and the procedure was simple and clean. Everything was easy. I will definitely recommend your service. I already feel more confident, in spite of what Tina Fey said! Karen A


I work as a Group Benefits Administrator Assistant and we have a very busy office with a tremendous amount of walk-in employees. I have never been happier in helping our employees as I feel more confident and smile more openly in greeting everyone who comes into our office for assistance. The procedure was very simply and did not hurt. I have very sensitive teeth and was very concerned about the possible pain I might experience. Your service technician was very pleasant, informative and explained the total process and advised if I should experience any discomfort, to let her know immediately, There was absolutely no pain whatsoever. This was well worth the expense, which was 1/10th the amount that a dentist wanted for in-office treatments to whiten my teeth. The newspaper article prompted me to drop by your kiosk and after listening to the gal there, I had my first treatment immediately. The results were absolutely amazing - went up 8 shades in the first treatment. I was thrilled. Gone was the yellowing from aging that I hated and back was a beautiful ivory tone. I just love what your treatment has done for me. P.D. - Waterloo



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