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Radiance Mineral Cosmetics are 100% pure mineral cosmetics, manufactured and distributed in Canada exclusively by SkinFX Inc.  

Radiance Mineral Cosmetics is a makeup that you can trust.  Full ingredient disclosure reveals a product line based in whole, organic botanical ingredients, and are completely gluten-free formulas that are 95% vegan.  Radiance has never engaged in animal testing, and chooses the highest quality mineral makeup ingredients, not simply for the press, but for the health and performance of the products.  As always, all products are free of paraben preservative, dyes, fillers and bismuth oxycloride.  Radiance Mineral Cosmetics also believes that all women deserve high quality, natural makeup, so Radiance has a wide arry of shades for all complexions, lifestyles and ages. 

The idea behind Radiance Mineral Cosmetics is not to use anything that interrupts the skins natural functions while giving the wearer an easily applied, light feeling, and flawless naturally radiant glow!

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Ten Reasons to Wear Radiance Mineral Cosmetics

1.  100% Pure Crushed Mineral Makeup

Radiance Mineral Cosmetics  are manufactured with all natural minerals that are purified and ground into tiny particles.

2.  Oil Free and Non-Comedogenic

Radiance Mineral Cosmetics are oil free, the minerals work with the natural oils in the skin and do not clog pores.  Skin can breathe, minerals will not support bacterial growth like a standard makeup  and minerals are inert (not chemically active), this means a reduced risk of bacterial cross contamination. 

3.  Free of all Chemical, Preservative, & Fillers

With Radiance Mineral Cosmetics, there are no harsh chemicals or man-made products that have negative side affects with use.  Most importantly  Radiance Mineral Cosmeticsare free of all parabens, synthetic fragrance, fillers or chemical dyes which can irritate skin. such as talc, cornstarch and most importantly Bismuth Oxychloride.  Talc and cornstarch can clog pores, may give the skin a dull appearance, and has a tendency to change colour throughout the day.    Bismuth Oxychloride is a by-product of copper and lead refining; many make-ups contain it as cheap filler because it has a pearlescent effect, applies well on application and provides good adhesion.  Unfortunately it is heavy and tends to clog pores and causes itchiness and irritation to the skin.

4.  Affordable

Radiance Mineral Cosmetics offers quality, professional cosmetics at affordable pricing.

5.  Organic Ingredients

Allergies to mineral makeup are extremely uncommon.  All ingredients are organic and naturally occurring.   Radiance Mineral Cosmetics are not tested on animals.

6.  Natural Light Reflector

Minerals are lighter and easier for the wearer to put on and will give them a flawless “natural glow” Radiance Mineral Cosmeticsmakes the skin look amazing!  Mica and other minerals reflect light off the skin like millions of little mirrors.

7.  Sun Protection

Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxides (both which are the main ingredients in most Radiance Mineral Cosmetics) are natural sun protectors.  The more you apply the more sun protection you have – approximately SPF 15-20.

8.  Natural Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide are natural anti-inflammatory properties, Radiance Mineral Cosmetics help soothe and relieve such skin problems and acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea while neutralizing the redness with natural pigment.   Furthermore, Radiance Mineral Cosmetics are safe to use immediately after skin treatments such as laser or chemical peels and microdermabrasion.

9.  Highly Water Resistant

Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide increases the ability to repel water!  With Radiance Mineral Cosmetics you won’t rain, snow, sweat or cry off your makeup.

10.  Versatile

Radiance Mineral Cosmetics are extremely versatile; use wet or dry, use as a eyeliner, customize a clear nail polish or a lip gloss.



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