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Jessica® GELeration
Soak off Gel Polish - embrace a new GELeration of Colours


Jessica Vartoughian "the manicurist to the stars" and the "first lady of nails" introduced Jessica GELeration in 2010  - JESSICA® GELeration hit the market by storm, not only is gentle on the nail, it protects them as they grow.  Most importantly, you and your clients will love the three to four weeks of everlasting colour.  There is no chipping, fading or smudging and nails stay flawless. 

The beauty of JESSICA® GELeration is that if you know how to perform a manicure, you can easily follow the simple application and removal process of GELeration.  It also allows for an easy transition between gel and natural nail manicures enabling your client to grown her own healthy nails.  And GELeration gives you the opportunity to attract new or old clients who straying from their regular weekly manicures and pedicures.

GELeration is the only Soak Off Polish has over 150+ colours to choose from,  many that are the same colour as Jessica JESSICA® Custom Polish,  this allows you client to take home their favourite polish colour in case of emergency touch ups.

All JESSICA® polishes are 7 FREE - (that means no formaldehyde,  dibutyl phthalate (DBP), toluene, formaldehyde resin, Xylene, Ethyl Toslamide and Camphor).

JESSICA® GELeration is a Professional Use Only product - please contact us for pricing.  For JESSICA® custom retail products please visit our JESSICA page. 

JESSICA® vs. JESSICA® GELeration - Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  JESSICA® or JESSICA® GELeration...... how do you choose

A:   You don't have to.  The beauty of both JESSICA and JESSICA GELeration is their ability to stand alone or work together.  When analyzing our client's current nail condition, appointment frequency and lifestyle, you will be able to properly identify which system will be most beneficial.  Should their needs change at any time, transitioning between systems can be done with ease.  The JESSICA System is perfect for colour lovers who like to change their polish on a regular basis, while JESSICA GELeration provides and alternative for those who lead active lives that leave minimal time for themselves.

Q:  Will a JESSICA® GELeration manicure/pedicure damage the natural nail?

A: No.  JESSICA GELeration was formulated based on the core fundamentals of the JESSICA philosophy - dedication to the care and health of natural nails.  Jessica believes in treating the nails from foundation to surface; her unique methods for nail preparation leave a healthy foundation for the application of JESSICA GELeration.

Q: How does a JESSICA® manicure differ from a JESSICA® GELeration manicure?

A:  It all comes down to this concept, two systems.  Healthy nails for all nail types and lifestyles.  A JESSICA manicure/pedicure is no ordinary manicure, it is an experience that provides pampering and therapeutic qualities clients can enjoy every two weeks.  Whereas a JESSICA GELeration manicure provides complete service for clients who are constantly on-the-go and only have time for appointments every three to four weeks.  Uniquely, both lines create a shield of coloured armor that encases the nail, protecting and allowing it to grow.  Highloaded pigments provide a rich depth of colour making it nearly impossible to visually tell a JESSICA or GELeration manicure apart.

Q: Will offering both JESSICA® and JESSICA® GELeration bring my Salon addition revenue?

A:  Equally, JESSICA and JESSICA GELeration Systems offer luxurious treatments, using the lines together for specialty manicures validates increasing the cost of your services.  Remember, each appointment is an opportunity to educate clients on the importance of aftercare, resulting in increased retail revenue.




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