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Drive your clinic to greater success with the Formax, an advanced aesthetic system that performs a range of sought after treatments using Dynamic Pulse Control technology.

The Formax is an innovative single beauty station that performs multiple treatments, which are becoming ever more popular in the expanding aesthetic and anti-aging markets. 

Using Dynamic Pulse Control technology (DPC), the Formax effectively and safely delivers results in its several applications, including hair removal and permanent hair reduction, skin rejuvenation, vascular and pigmented lesions treatment and acne treatments.

The progressive DPC technology cools the skin on contact and uses pulsed energy and precise optical filtering, maximizing both patient comfort and treatment efficacy. While an advanced platform, the Formax is affordable and does not require additional gels or creams, making it an economical aesthetic solution that is bound to boost your business.

Main Benefits

  • Performs five in-demand aesthetic treatments on the one versatile platform.
  • Provides you with full control of treatment parameters.
  • Achieves maximum results in all stages of treatments.
  • Cools the skin on contact to optimize your clients’ comfort and safety.
  • Is applicable for clients of almost all skin and hair types due to its varying pulse types.
  • Is cost-effective, as it:
    –   Affordable;
    –   Does not require a zimmer cooling machine, cold gel or analgesic cream, reducing your ongoing costs.
    –   Is efficient, achieving results in a relatively small number of relatively short treatment sessions.
  • Has an easy to use interface, including a colour screen.
  • Is safe and reliable.


DPC (Dynamic Pulse Control) is a unique technology offering three pulse configurations in one system: Smooth Pulse, Long Pulse and High Pulse.

Tech Specs: Main Unit

  • Technology: DPC-based pulsed light (smooth, long and high pulse)
  • Pulses per hand piece: 72,000
  • Repetition rate: Average two-three seconds between pulses (0.33Hz)
  • Light source: Zenon flash lamp
  • System cooling: Temperature security control (TSC)
  • Spot sizes: 6.4 cm² / 3.4cm² / 1.5cm²
  • Interface: Colour screen
  • Dimensions of main unit (WxDxH): 56 x 42 x 105cm / 22 x 16.5 x 41in
  • Weight: 70kg / 154lb


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