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Epillyss Wax
Advanced depilatory solutions


Each and every esthetician has diverse skills and speed of working, Epillyss waxes adapt fully to the working environment of different techniques. In fact, every esthetician will find an Épillyss wax that suits his/her needs to facilitate any task.

For example, the differences are in the processing agents, the synergy of essential oils and also in the softening temperature of the wax. All Épillyss waxes are designed to function with specific needs of different customers.

A beginner will not work at the same speed and will not have the same dexterity; even the temperature of the room will have an impact of the task performance of a wax and a esthetican! Épillyss is unique and will revolutionize your career!

Innovation is theirs ...

Through a process much sought developed by Epillyss chemists, Épillyss is the creator of the Bioresin C3. This new ingredient allows great fluidity, permitting oil elimination usually required for the manufacture of depilatory waxes. This is why Épillyss waxes are unique and different from all other waxes currently available on the market.

In addition, the Bolero container, made ​​of an alloy of ceramic, plastic and fiberglass, is the only container in the world heating simultaneously in the microwave and wax warmer. This plasticized substance makes it very pliable without being a heat conductor when handling.

The best ingredients for your skin ...

Get natural ingredients such as lemon, magnolia, azulene, cocoa, vitamin E, lavender, lemongrass, honey and Aloe Vera ... And make sure you always have the best quality for the well-being of your customers.  

For more information on putting the Epillyss Line in to your Spa or Salon contact us!  Please ask us about our BULK pricing on all Epillyss Products.

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