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Combinal is one of the most famous luxury brands of eyelash dyes throughout the world. This dye is not only smudge and waterproof but soft and easy to apply to eyelashes and eyebrows.

Combinal Eyelash Dye is an oxidation tint, which needs to be mixed with 5% hydrogen peroxide (unlike most other brands that offer only 3%) in order to impart a permanent colour. This water-resistant and smudge proof tint is excellent for lashes, eyebrows and other body hair leaving a beautiful, enhancing colour that can last up to 7-8 weeks.




Six Beautiful pure colours BLACK, BLUE-BLACK, BLUE, BROWN, LIGHT BROWN and LIGHT CHARCOAL can be mixed to create your own custom colours. 

The pure colours of combinal eyelash dye appear within a short time (around 8 - 10 minutes). The surplus colour can be easily removed from the skin after treatment. Moreover, Combinal also stimulates the eyelash growth.

Combinal eyelash dye has the advantage to work very well on all the different eyebrow and eyelash hair types. The various dyes can be mixed together to create a special colour according to personal preferences. Light charcoal and light brown dyes should be used only on the eyebrows to make the colour uniform.

PLEASE NOTE: Combinal is a "'Professional Use Only" product - please contact us for pricing or to sign up for our Lash/Brow Tint Certification Class please see our Education page.



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